There are so many types of gates on offer at Absolute Glass Fencing that it’s very easy to lose your way and get confused. But worry not, because here is a run-down of all the types of gates here at Absolute Glass Fencing according to their purpose.

Automatic Gates
As the name suggests, these gates operate automatically through means of either a keypad or a remote. While very handy and cool, automatic gates are a bit sensitive in the sense that if they go out of order, it’s a massive undertaking to get them fixed again. Obviously, that has to be weighed against the usefulness of automatic gates, which enable you to gain access to your home without having to get out of your car. This is particularly useful in inclement weather.

Swing Gates vs Sliding Gates
Most houses opt for swing gates since they require minimum maintenance. This is because there are fewer moving parts in swing gates than sliding gates. On top of that, swing gates make much less noise than other types of gates.

However, for some circumstances, sliding gates are more appropriate than swing gates. For instance, if you’ve got a very steep climb onto your driveway, it may be a good idea to get sliding gates instead of swing gates. This is because swing gates need even ground on both sides to operate so they don’t get stuck while opening or closing. For the same reason, you might want to choose sliding gates over swing gates if you’ve got landscaping (like rocks or boulders) on your property.

Pedestrian Gates
Pedestrian gates are obviously not for cars, but rather for people. This can act as a supplement to your other gate. Mainly used for foot traffic and cyclists, they’re designed for providing maximum safety for pedestrians and bicycles.

All of these gate types come in an aluminium version. Many people choose aluminium gates due to their light weight, durability and resistance to corrosion. It would be an excellent idea to get aluminium gates if you want minimum post purchase hassle and maximum functionality and security.

No matter what sort of gate you need, don’t hesitate to call us, because here at Absolute Glass Fencing, we’ve got it all!