Choosing pool fencing can be sometimes be a bit challenging. There are way too many options, and it is very easy to get confused. But no worries, because Absolute Fencing has got you covered. Glass fencing seems to be very popular here on the Gold Coast, and here’s three reasons why.

If you are going for an attractive and aesthetically pleasing look for your pool area, glass fencing is definitely your best bet. Whether you opt for frameless or semi frameless glass fences, you are sure to get an unobstructed view of your pool area. Since glass fences are transparent, your pool will get seamlessly integrated into your home environment. On the other hand, if you choose wood or wire based fences your pool will seem isolated from the rest of your property.

Let’s face it. You are putting up a fence for a reason. Therefore, good looks alone won’t cut it. Glass fences are really good at what they’re meant to do. Fences are meant to be designed in a childproof way so your children don’t get into trouble. Glass fences are made from solid sheets of thick glass with no gaps in between so children can’t find gaps to squeeze through the fence and get into potentially dangerous situations.

Apart from that, glass fences are made from tempered glass which are held in place with stainless steel posts set in concrete, so the whole package is really strong, durable and long lasting. Therefore, it is more than safe to say that glass fences are pretty good at doing their job.

Low maintenance
Unlike wooden or wire mesh fences, glass fences require fairly low maintenance. If you follow the rules of cleaning glass fences outlined in the previous blog, your glass fence won’t require much care. Additionally, if you choose glass fencing, you won’t have to worry about pest infestations like termites or about rusting since glass fences don’t have wooden or easily corrodible material.

After you’ve made up your mind about which type of fence you want, feel free to give Absolute Glass Fencing a call. We’ll be more than happy to help you out!