So you want to fence your pool but you’re unsure about how to get it done. No worries! Absolute Glass Fencing has got you covered. Here’s our easy walkthrough on how to install glass fences by yourself.

Step 1
Check the regulations regarding fencing with your local council. It’s important to follow the guidelines properly so your fence is up to the Australian Safety Standards.

Step 2
Mark out the spots you want to put the posts for the fence into. Use a nail to mark the points and use some string to make sure they’re aligned.

Step 3
Do the same for your mini posts. Measure and mark out the places you want your mini posts on. Again, make sure they are aligned. If you’ve got a wooden deck, make sure the posts are not near the gaps.

Step 4
Now use the drill to drill your posts and mini post securely into place. You may want to pre drill them so you can correct yourself if you’ve made any mistakes.

Step 5
Once you’ve secured the posts and mini posts, remove the aligning string. Now, put the metal rings atop the mini posts. This will hide the screws and other tit bits which will make the fence look even neater.

Step 6
Insert metal plates into the mini posts. Leaving a bit of it out, insert rubber grips into each mini posts so that the glass slips in easily into them.

Step 7
Get someone to help you put the glass panels into the posts. Use a measuring tape or spirit level to make sure the gaps between the panels are even. Adjust if necessary.

Step 8
Install the hinges and tighten them. Tighten all the nuts, bolts and screws.

Step 9
Repeat the whole process until you finish fencing your desired area.

Step 10
All done!

It’s important to remember that installing glass fences requires time, effort and skill. Sometimes, it’s more trouble than it is worth and the professionals will almost certainly do a better job. It’s probably best to get an experienced company like Absolute Glass Fences to install your glass fences for you. If you ever need a fence installation, don’t hesitate to call us!